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About Our Eco Lodge

Majestic mountains such as Pitusiray, Sawasiray, Yllawan; broad and clear star filled sky in nights (milky way) are some of admirable things That visitors of Our Eco Lodge can enjoy. Our lodge is situated in the hearth of The Incas Sacred Valley which was named by Incan empire habitants for some mysterious reason related to mother earth's creation in the most pure and clean way possible.
This energy shows itself through profound and revitalizing inns, oxigen abundant pathways and in the quality of food harvested in this valley since the ancient times. For this reason this place designated by the priests of the Incan empire as their temples which they carry out the most important religious ceremonies dedicated to the sun.

The habitants of Incan empire experienced a spiritual and super sensible  connection which let them develop a deep  inside spiritual development with a wisdom which is reflected in different sciences like architecture, hydraulic engineering, medicine, textile, astrology, agriculture, silversmiths and others.

It takes you an hour and 20 minutes to reach el Pedregal Eco Lodge from Velasco Astete airport in cusco.

The hotel is 100 percent ecological and it is situated between Cusco city and Machu Picchu fortress settled at 2700m that means 1000 meters lower than city Cusco which will avoid you from mountain sickness caused by altitude change. You will feel mentally and emotionally fit to complete your journey while visiting Cusco.

El Pedregal eco lodge is inspired by our love to nature and our respect to the this territory's culture and being a conscious person  a doctrine comes from ancient times. The Lodge and its environment are constructed with 100 percent natural materials like adobe (mud and straw), wood, rocks and clay avoiding artificial paintings and because of that we obtained warm and cooler spaces in order to avoid air condition or heater usage.
At the rest rooms we have plenty of water thanks to the Snow Mountains as well as to the natural springs.  At your rooms you will have Pure and good quality liquid which doesn’t contain any chlorination.
The illumination in el Pedregal is photovoltaic which stores the solar energy and transforms it and keeps the lights on starting afternoon. We have hot showers 24 hours a day.

In addition, The food that is served at El Pedregal is elaborated according to guest's requirements. The ingredients are 100 percent organic which most of them are cultivated along the Incas Sacred Velley or “Valle Sagrado de los Incas” the rest of the food is harvested in our land. We guarantee a nutritional ,balanced and delicious food to our guests.

El Pedregal also has a cozy sauna built only with rocks in a circular shape . Sweating ambient is a therapy made through strong connection with mother earth using the heat and distant plants with proper usage. It has physical benefits, tanning, cleansing the respiratory system, better digestion, nervous system , problems with bones, and muscles.

for this reason and so many other reasons come to El Pedregal eco lodge, experience the peace of mind in a great nature. Feel the spirit of the ancient times. Fill your soul with love and happiness. Find your spiritual connection with the universe in the Valle Sagrado de los Incas.